CIAP provides assistance to individuals and families who are affected by immigration laws, bias attacks, or discriminatory policies.

Call +1.718-859-0238 if you or someone you know needs assistance..


... within our community about constitutional rights, important issues affecting South Asians and how we can get more involved in the political process

Policy Change ensure that local, state and federal legislation does not discriminate against immigrants.

Community Organizing

... to mobilize working class South Asians so we may collectively gain political power.


CIAP was formed in November 2001 to advocate on behalf of the South Asian and Muslim communities who have suffered from the anti-immigrant backlash in the wake of 9.11. CIAP offers particular support to immigrant detainees and their families.

The mission of CIAP is to combat racism and promote empowerment of working class South Asians through: legislative change, legal advocacy, and community based education.

Our social justice vision is to help build a society where working class South Asians are treated with equality, tolerance, and respect.